Suraj Verma

Hello there 😊!

Let me tell you something about myself.
I'm a student pursuing Bachelor's in Computer Science. Ever since I started to code, I've been in this constant war with bugs, & each day I've learned something interesting, & equipped a new skill to overpower these bugs.
The war started in 2019 & has been going on ever since.
Skills that I've equipped: Web Dev (MERN), AWS, Docker, Airflow, PySpark...
Alright, storytime ends :), apart from my tech skills I do blog on Medium & Hashnode.
And, I've recently interned at Simpl Pay as a Software Engineer Intern.
Feel free to connect with me 🤝.






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M.E.N Stack TODO list App

The webapp uses HTML/CSS in the frontend and NodeJS & MongoDB in the backend. Deployed on Heroku.

Real Time React Chat App

The app uses ReactJS in the frontend and firestore DB is used in the backend with O-auth Google authentication.


A blogs webpage project built using EJS (Node) to compose and post blogs. HTML/CSS used for styling and structuring.

Live Covid Tracker App

The webapp uses ReactJS, ChartJS in the frontend and the data is parsed from's API. The app is deployed on firebase.

Facial Expression Recognition App

The project uses Tensorflow & OpenCV to construct a CNN model to detect face expression. The backend is built using flask.

one4All Project

This project hosts a list of resources for learning new skills and, opportunities one can apply to. Its built using ReactJS & deployed on Netlify.

Blogs & Courses

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